The God of Kill Why a man who loves me (He must have no problem to see the point of view like I do that there's no way to help any immoral non-virgin woman to be better b 烤肉ut KILL [Had I had been killed by a private best will professional sniper openly under the sky before I can see evil <Becaus 禮服e I rather die than come to see evil again; that how your entire Earth must be burned down by the hottest Sun when you see I leave my jailed 情趣用品body behind as a loser; or all liar must be killed by my Ghost out of the jailed body left behind by me when you cannot k 烤肉now I am a loser or winner at the moment when I die.> , then, you would have had a best mankind come again to help your entire world to become ma 情趣用品n made paradise.]; that how even me that previous bright star must no way back to sky after I lost my virgin [That how all non-virgin single woman must have to hide ins 新成屋 ide her own place by herself to live or die by herself, because as long as she is still absolute single, she can always rely on her own best will to earn her virgin back again after 7 year 烤肉s pure virgin self-esteem life.] and become my children's mom) more than God must become the God of Kill? Because he must see the point of view that when good woman like me and Mother Teresa rather 租屋 die than live, all woman who less good than me or Mother Teresa must rather die than live, that means any woman who ever given birth or who ever be called mom must be killed rather sooner than later.  You want your daugher, 票貼 your wife, your girl friend to deserve a life, you must not ever allow anyone of them to give birth, not mention to be called Mom. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 吳哥窟  .
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