Today Show showed in NBC today (Black has the strongest male muscle among all man form race , black has the most solid will among all man form race, there's no way any other race could have the man power to kidnap anyone of them in their own place to get into slave ship or ships silently quietly darkly, the o 關鍵字廣告nly possibility must have to rely on openly gun fire that even South Africa English not ever used it to treat any African can tell you Black slaves shipped in USA all sold out by their own black in Africa like that stupid bad u 婚禮顧問lgy evil Obama's Kenyan grandmother heads showed up shameless lawless Godless disgustingly)   (Therefore, all Black in USA must not have the selfish shameless to occupy any public office to suck, because slave linked cannot have any fre 酒店工作e minded good idea to help anyone else to do better, any black not slave linked must be the worst evil doer remaining   <How could simple minded black sank to that low lower lowest? It must have had evil Chinese been their back   @@Therefore, when G2000you see any Chinese face value woman placed her hand on any black man's back or shoulder like that stupid bad ugly evil female showed up in that Today Show without that black man to show his hug to her first, you need to do your duty to kill that female dressed animal, no matter she told 濾桶you she's American, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, or whatever national name, because she must be the one dragon down unknown blacks into deepest hells invisibly@@  acting like their music director; it must all started at good will lie that someone beloved to placed in dead row, they bought out that deadly 酒店經紀 body lie and shipped into USA to get the freedom to work along with those railroad Chinese linked, and some how the story spilled out; you have any bit of lie, you cannot have the power of honesty to deal with evil Chinese dragon you down, that may explain how come Taiwan TV Station so eagerly played the series TV show "The Roo 燒烤t"  @@Soomeone talked in that Today show to advise you to forget your past, you must not follow that stupid bad ugly evil low lower lowest lie to commit Chinese said "自.7.7.Ren" crime; the only way to do the forget must have to rely on your future generation back to the barbarian time. As long as you can read and write, you just ha 結婚ve no way to cut your past lies.@@  in Taiwan for their heartless lawless Godless selfish evil Chinese audience to tell.>  even worse than any evil Chinese remaining, because evil Chinese remaining not ever want  to sell their own blood out, anyone wearing Chinese face value to sell human form must be phony Chinese, because evil Chinese must have 裝潢 no way to be slaved, That may explain how come "Lin.覺.Mean" rather to die than to live as a slave. That may explain how come Colin Power rather admitted his black than Chinese link, because Chinese has no way to be loyalty to any personal General in any way.)    .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房地產  .
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